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San Diego Chargers Training Camp 2011 in Pictures: Week 1

SB Nation, in it's never-ending drive to create the world's best sports blogs and communities, created a business relationship with both the Associated Press and Getty Images over the last few years. This is why posts here always have pretty pictures to go along with them.

During Training Camp, when the demand for images is high, we get flooded with pictures from Chargers Park and usually end up using less than half of them on the site. This is why I occasionally like to do a post of nothing by pictures from Chargers Training Camp, as provided by our professional photographer friends. That is what this is.


Chemistry. Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson have it.



If they ever need to make a statue of Takeo Spikes, I think it's going to be pretty realistic. He already appears to be cut from rock.


Speaking of people being cut from rock. Ryan Mathews will get better in year two, I'm very confident in this. This is why I will keep the "David Boston" jokes in my back pocket.


It's good to see Mike Tolbert running again. Last time we saw him in 2010, he was being carted off the field with a neck injury.


I bet Malcom Floyd has heard the phrase "You don't look like a Wide Receiver" more than once.


Kory Sperry is having himself another real good camp.


This is what your hopes and dreams look like.


All Photos Courtesy of Gregory Bull and Lenny Ignelzi.