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Chargers Rookies Pick Their Jersey Numbers

I realize a lot of people do not care about jersey numbers, but for some reason I always have. I'm interested in the stories behind them, especially when players can't wear the number they wore in high school or college. Do they have a ranking system of backup numbers? Are both numbers special to them?

I took an illogical amount of satisfaction out of the games Dennis Rodman used to play with his number. First he was #10 with the Spurs, then when that number wasn't available in Chicago he went with 91 (9+1=10). Then, when he ended up on the Lakers, he switched to 73 (7+3=10). I like that type of creativity and loyalty when it comes to jersey numbers.

So, without further ado, your new 2011 Chargers and their jersey numbers (most UDFAs left off because even if they make the team their numbers stand a good chance of changing):

#51 Takeo Spikes
#54 Travis LaBoy
#31 Bob Sanders (wore #21 with the Colts)
#97 Corey Liuget (wore #93 in college)
#38 Marcus Gilchrist (wore #12 in college)
#57 Jonas Mouton (wore #8 in college)
#86 Vincent Brown (wore #80 in college)
#29 Shareece Wright (wore #24 in college)
#40 Jordan Todman (wore #23 in college)
#70 Steve Schilling (wore #52 in college)
#59 Andrew Gachkar (wore #6 in college)
#16 Scott Tolzien