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Did You Miss High Boltage Radio? Listen Now!

High Boltage Radio went on the air at XTRA Sports 1360 yesterday morning, and if you missed it....well, you still haven't missed it. You can listen to the entire hour right here.

The hour flew by and I had a blast. I honestly can't wait to get back on the air next Saturday morning, with the first preseason game looming and a few Chargers practices taken in, so we can dig even deeper into the roster and coaching staff.

Thank you to the guy that called in to remind me that I left Vincent Brown off my list. To the other guy, who commented that I was nuts for thinking Vincent may not make the team, I present the following:

i believe the Chargers are going to keep either 5 or 6 receivers. My money is on 5, and last year they kept just 4. This whole "We kept too few guys at that position group last year and injuries killed us, let's keep more this year" philosophy seems to be around every year moving from position to position. That's why 6 is a possibility. Here are my 5 guys that I think make the final 53 man roster unless they get injured.

Vincent Jackson
Patrick Crayton
Seyi Ajirotutu
Richard Goodman
Kelley Washington

Could Vincent beat out Goodman or Washington? Sure, but he's going to have to do it both as a WR and as a Special Teamer. Washington showed his value as both last season, and Goodman flashed signs of being a very dangerous slot WR last year while also being pegged as a favorite for the Kick Returner spot this season.

Seeing that list of five spelled out, though, has me at least a little concerned. As much as I like Goodman's speed, I don't know if I like him on the outside part of the field...and in this situation he's two twisted ankles away from that. Maybe Brown does stay around, and that contract to Washington or the reps Goodman is getting at KR mean nothing. Maybe A.J. Smith, the man with backup plans for his backup plans, is simply waiting for the inevitable camp injury to one of these guys.