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Chargers Re-sign Backup QB Billy Volek

Earlier today the Chargers retained Philip Rivers' longtime caddy Billy Volek. It's a two year deal with very similar terms to the three year deal he was on previously. Volek originally came to the Chargers in a trade with the Tennessee Titans after Volek lost any chance at a starting or backup job when the Titans drafted Vince Young and signed Kerry Collins. This is second time since being acquired where Volek tested the free agent waters and the second time he has been retained by the Chargers after doing so.

Billy is now 35, doesn't have a Super Bowl ring and any chance he'd have to start in the NFL would have been as a temp job holding the fort until a younger player was ready. Most likely any team like that wouldn't have the talent the Chargers do and wouldn't be considered a likely favorite for the playoffs. In San Diego, he can save himself the trouble of being a backup on a bad team or a starter who unceremoniously gets the starting reins taken away during a losing season because a youngster needs. Instead he can help Philip and the rest of the Chargers prepare for games in what could be a very successful season. Perhaps he gets a chance at some point, like he did in the playoffs in 2007, to help the team on the field and get the glory that comes with that sort of opportunity.

So, welcome back Billy and may you never see a meaningful snap in the next two years. But, if you do we'll all be behind you.