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High Boltage Radio on XTRA Sports 1360

Today starts a new era in the BFTB universe, with the first ever High Boltage Radio segment on XTRA Sports 1360AM. We'll do an hour today, touching on as many things as we can in that short time span (The differences between the ILB spots, FA signings for the Chargers and the rest of the AFC West, etc.), with the idea that we'll expand the show further in the future if you guys like it enough.

One thing I want to stress, as a response to some of the e-mails I've been getting, is that this does not change BFTB at all. We're still nerds that enjoy talking the ins-and-outs of all things Chargers football and that's the way it will stay. The goal here isn't to make BFTB more mainstream-fan-friendly, but to educate more mainstream fans so that they understand the game little better going forward.

HBR on BFTB will still exist too, and will be more focused on the higher end of sports talk (balancing the salary cap, comparing Weddle's numbers to that of other safeties, etc. You get the idea.). HBR on XTRA will be more about recapping the week that was, looking ahead to the next week, and basically trying our best to turn this fantastic Chargers blog and community into a talk radio show. Oh, and having fun. It's going to be boatloads of fun.

Here's the link to stream the show online, should you not be near San Diego and an AM radio. Comments and questions posted below will be checked and (hopefully) responded to during the show, so fire away.

Also, if all you have is a smartphone, you can listen to us on the IHeartRadio app that's available on every mobile OS.

The Podcast is now available: You can subscribe to BFTB podcasts in iTunes, or download all past and future shows directly from your iOS device at the subscribe link.  All others can subscribe using RSS.