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A Reason to Wake Up on Saturday

Hey, you! Do you have plans for Saturday? Around 11am-Noon? You do now.

High Boltage Radio on Bolts From The Blue will be invading your radio-waves tomorrow morning, from about 11am to Noon (in case that wasn't clear already), following Friarhood Radio on XTRA Sports (AM 1360). I suppose this means the title of the show will just be "High Boltage Radio on XTRA Sports" then, because "High Boltage Radio on Bolts From The Blue on XTRA Sports" is far too wordy and we only have an hour to work with. However, blog title included in the show name or not, I will be there co-hosting with Steve and getting into the gritty details of this fast-approaching NFL season.

Expect HBR to be on XTRA every Saturday morning, possibly with more time as Steve becomes angrier and angrier about talking Padres each week, as long as we make it through a few shows without burning the studio down. As time goes along we're sure to be doing lots of radio-show things like interviews and contests and maybe even taking calls!

Exciting, right?!? Eh, whatever. It's not like you're doing something more important tomorrow. When you're rolling out of bed and checking your e-mail and texting friends to see who wants to go to the beach....throw on AM 1360. I personally guarantee you it'll be the best Chargers-radio-show-associated-with-a-Chargers-blog in San Diego.

For those that want to subscribe to the HBR on BFTB podcasts, we've moved from our old location to this one. I believe we'll also be including our one-hour radio shows as part of that feed as well. Adjust your iPods accordingly.