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Sixth Round Pick Jordan Todman Signs 4 Year Deal

Another gets his deal done quickly. The former University of Connecticut running back signed his rookie contract and has already been seen out on the practice field at Charger Park. Here's what I wrote about Todman back in April:

He was current Colts RB Donald Brown's backup as freshmen, but came into his own once he got the starting job. 235 carries for 1188 yards and 14 TDs his sophomore season and 334 carries for 1695 yards and 14 TDs in his junior season. He was the second leading rusher in the country in 2010. He was his team's star player and led them to Big East Championship.

He'll come in as the 3rd running back behind Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert. He's a tough and shifty runner who could use some extra bulk to take the pounding that comes with that running style. He's not a Darren Sproles-replacement as far as style is concerned. He's a prospect that could become a starter one day or possibly a goal line back if Tolbert ever leaves. I would think that he'd also be able to contribute on special teams for kick coverage if called upon.

One thing to keep in mind is that he's described a "downhill Power O" type runner. That's more like LT, whereas many saw Ryan Mathews as a fit for a zone blocking scheme. The Chargers are more of the "Power O" type. So that's a good fit. However, like Mathews he's not a good option as a 3rd down back and frequently came out on 3rd down for the Huskies. He's more of an outside runner than an inside runner, but he's not afraid to go inside and make contact.