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Jacques Cesaire Returns to San Diego for Two More Seasons

Kevin Acee is reporting that Jacques Cesaire has agreed to return to (and likely finish his career in) San Diego. 

Cesaire will likely take a demotion in the long term due to the drafting of Corey Liuget, but will serve as veteran insurance in the shortened pre season.  Presumably, Cesaire is capable of starting if Liuget falls behind, can serve as a mentor, will definitely be a part of the D-line rotation, but most importantly; maintains the Chargers D-line twitter mob of @pray74, @antoniogaray71, @Baby_Zilla76, and @ThisisOG.

@pray74: Glad to be back San Diego #

@sdutchargers: Jacques Cesaire is back. Two years. #

@sdutchargers: @pray74 Congratulations. I mean it, can't rid of you. #

The final piece of that D-line twitter mob puzzle is Travis Johnson. The signing of Cesaire was almost a sure-thing because Liuget is a rookie, but Travis Johnson returning could signify that young players like Ogemdi Nwagbuo, Vaughn Martin and Cam Thomas are not ready to take larger roles on the team than what they had last season.