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High Boltage Radio: Chargers Free Agent Flurry

Towards the end of Day 2 in this whirlwind NFL Free Agency period, Steve and myself decided to catch up on the moves that have been made by the San Diego Chargers and the moves that might be on the horizon.

Topics touched on during the show include:

  • Has A.J. Smith changed his philosophy on signing free agents?
  • Where might Malcom Floyd end up?
  • How important is Kevin Burnett?
  • How are things different for undrafted free agent rookies this year?
  • Evaluations of the Eric Weddle and Jeromey Clary contracts.
  • Comparing the Chargers cap situation to other teams around the league.

Click here to listen to this episode of High Boltage Radio on BFTB

    Apologies for my cell service, but this will probably be the last podcast in which I'm on a cell phone so cherish the dropped portions of the phone call. Also, Steve has apologized for the podcasts seeming so one-sided (as if he's interviewing me). These things are a work in progress, so your feedback is more than welcome in the comments below.