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Antwan Barnes Agrees To Two Year Deal

Barnes didn't start the 2010 season with the Chargers, but by the end of the season he was well liked by Bolts Backers. He provided an extra pass rushing threat that the offense had missed since Merriman first landed on the Injured Reserve list.

Barnes was drafted in 2007 by the Baltimore Ravens and played as a reserve for 3 seasons. He picked 5 sacks in those years and then went to the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent. The Eagles released him midseason in 2010, and the Chargers scooped him up to fill the void being left by injuries to Shawne Merriman, Larry English and Jyles Tucker.

In short order he began stealing time away from Antwan Applewhite and in doing so totaled a career high of 4.5 sacks. He's not a high profile starter to rush opposite Shaun Phillips. But, he was a productive player last year and is returning to prove to everyone that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Even with this development, the Chargers are still looking for more help at the Outside Linebacker position.