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Chargers Reach Agreement with Second-Round Pick Jonas Mouton

So just like that, the first rookie has been signed by the Chargers.  Second-round draft pick Jonas Mouton — Linebacker out of the University of Michigan — has been signed to a four-year contract to the San Diego Chargers. Mouton is the first second-round draft pick to be signed to a contract in the entire league.

UPDATE: Kevin Acee tells us that Mouton's contract is worth $3.26 million over 4 years, with $1.5 million guaranteed.

When Mouton was first selected back in April at the end of the second round, fans and scouts alike were scratching their heads. Many were very down on the decision and deriding AJ Smith for the pick (what else is old?)  

Once the scouts, pundits and fans had a chance to look more into Mouton, cooler heads prevailed and they realized it was a good pick. Mouton was originally considered a weak MLB in a 4-3 defense, but he's thought of now as a good fit as an ILB in a 3-4 system.

It certainly helps that he'll be able to start his career under the mentorship of Takeo Spikes. But should the Chargers be unable to sign Kevin Burnett to a new contract, they may be hoping Mouton will be able to step in next to Spikes as the a starter.