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Jeromey Clary Signs 4-Year Deal to Stay with Chargers

Jeromey Clary, who just the other day was being praised by Nick Hardwick as maybe the hardest worker on the San Diego Chargers, has agreed to a four-year extension to stay with the San Diego Chargers. Assuming he stays the entire duration of the contract and hits every bonus, he'll be paid $20 million.

Clary has not been a fan favorite over the last few years, but compared to other RTs around the league he has been consistent and inexpensive. Now that he is signed to a deal longer than one-year (which he had been on for the past few seasons), the Bolts have their offensive line in place for the foreseeable future.

Expect to see Clary, along with the rest of the Offensive Line, at Chargers Park and ready to work bright and early Wednesday morning.

This signing could also open up the opportunity for Brandyn Dombrowski, tabbed as Clary's eventual replacement before struggling at LT last season, to join the RG competition along with Tyronne Green and Louis Vasquez. That's the first and maybe most important position battle that we'll be keeping an eye on during the preseason.

Updated: Kevin Acee has reported that the first year of this deal pays Clary $8.5 million. This means three things:

  1. They realized that trying to win with a brand new starting RT this year was going to be near impossible. 
  2. If Clary stays in the level of "consistently good" he'll be an incredible value in terms of balancing the payroll/salary cap for the next three seasons after this one. 
  3. If Clary is not very good this season they can cut him before next season starts without having it impact their cap too much (or keep him around as a backup because he'll be cheap enough for that).