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Vincent Jackson to Sign Franchise Tag on Friday, Report to Team

According to the ever-elusive "sources", it would seem the Chargers and their fans aren't in for a repeat of last year's one–man soap opera that was Vincent Jackson. We're hearing reports that Vincent Jackson will be signing his Franchise Tag — worth $11.4 million — on Friday and report to the team.  Fans can rest easy knowing the Chargers will be able to get a full year out of Vincent Jackson.

Jackson's future with the Chargers is still as cloudy as it ever was. Talking to Kevin Acee last night, Chargers GM AJ Smith had this to say:

Vincent is a great player for us and we drafted him with high expectations. As you know, we have decided to move slowly toward any long-term commitment at this time. But if he and his agents' five-year, $50 million position remains steadfast, the odds are extremely high that he will be headed elsewhere. We have so many players to consider — both short-term and long-term over the next two years.

At least we know we'll get a full season out of Vincent Jackson this year.