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Serious Business: 7/19 San Diego Chargers Links

‪All Of Harry Potter Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute‬‏ - YouTube
No spoilers. The cats recap movies 1 through the first half of part 7 so you don't have to. 

Is this why Haley was mad at McDaniels? - Bill Williamson
There was a juicy AFC West nugget dropped last week while I was on vacation that I’d like to circle back to. While appearing on a Denver radio station, Kansas City punter Dustin Colquitt unscrewed the cork on one of the most salacious stories in the division in 2010.

Top 10 NFL draft steals that failed - Rivers McCown (Insider)
They were absolute steals on draft day, but perhaps teams who passed were correct

Carolina’s Steve Smith teams of choice: Baltimore, San Diego - Gregg Rosenthal
While Smith has mostly stayed quiet on the issue this offseason, his desire to leave the team seems pretty obvious. And the Panthers seem open to the idea. news: NFL, players zero in on labor deal, but complex issues remain
Lawyers for the NFL and its players met Monday in New York, but several issues still must be resolved before the parties can ratify a full collective bargaining agreement.

Would Randy Moss fit in San Diego? - Bill Williamson
I received several inquiries from San Diego Chargers fans since the agent of free-agent receiver Randy Moss said his client is poised for a big year in 2011 at the age of 34. This after a tumultuous 2010 season in which Moss’ numbers declined sharply as he played for three teams.