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Serious Business: 7/12 San Diego Chargers Links

Rivers' legacy already being discussed - Christopher Smith
With or without a Super Bowl championship, Philip Rivers is on track to put up career numbers comparable to some of the NFL’s best quarterbacks ever. If he can stay healthy, his legacy likely will continue to grow.

Pressure Point: Can English switch? - Matt Williamson
Although San Diego was strong on defense last season, the bottom line is that the Chargers need to get more production and reliability from the outside linebacker spot opposite Phillips. English was drafted to fill such a role. So far, he hasn't.

AFC West's biggest future stars - Bill Williamson
Mathews wasn’t spectacular as a rookie in 2010. But he showed enough flashes to make the Chargers excited about his future.

Playing the Guessing Game: Where Do Chargers Free Agents End Up? - Ernie Padaon
Once the lockout ends, there should be a free agent FRENZY on our hands. The Bolts have a lot of guys that are free to move around and I will play the guessing game to see where some of these guys will end up once things get kicked into gear:

How to deactivate a cat‬‏ - YouTube
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