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Serious Business: 7/11 San Diego Chargers Links

Random picture of a Charger Girl. What of it? (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Random picture of a Charger Girl. What of it? (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When lockout ends, Bolts should have freedom to make moves -
"I think the teams are going to use the money to extend their veterans," the agent said. "Especially since (the teams) haven’t been able to do a lot of long-term deals the past couple years with all the uncertainty."

City redevelopment could lose $70 million - Roger Showley
Subsequent years will mean $16.5 million in cuts annually if agency remains in place

A.J. Smith well aware of label on Chargers coach Norv Turner, says it's wrong - Dennis Dillon
"As far as I’m concerned, I think he’s an outstanding head football coach," said Smith, who hired Turner in ’07. "I think he has great knowledge of the game, and not just on offense. He knows players and he knows what to do with them."

Formers Chargers fullback Neal arrested on DUI charges - Dave Thomas
Former Pro Bowl fullback Lorenzo Neal, who spent a portion of his career in San Diego blocking for future Hall-of-Famer La Dainian Tomlinson, was taken into custody for driving under the influence after a Fourth of July accident in Fresno.

Presenting The World’s ****-Suckingest Derek Jeter Column - Drew Magary
Listen, we all expected sportswriters to wax poetic and behave like blithering idiots when it came to this milestone. But God, seeing it happen in real time is just so excruciating. Don't you people know we all dreaded this from you?