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Serious Business: 6/8 San Diego Chargers Links

Behind the scenes: beyond the field - Christopher Smith
The Chargers’ director of player development is a valuable resource for players preparing for life in the NFL and after, including help with their finances and personal relationships.

The Rookie Learning Curve: Corey Liuget - Anthony M. Blake
Even though Liuget played inside at tackle during his days at Illinois, Chargers new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky says that it doesn’t take a genius to know a high-quality football player when you see one.

Pros/cons of a lost or shortened NFL season - Jason Cole
6. Worst: Not getting a chance to just walk up to Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers(notes) in San Diego and have an interesting 20-minute conversation during the midst of training camp without having to set it up six months in advance by submitting questions and three forms of identification.

EXCLUSIVE Bolt Beat Interview: Donald Butler! - Paul Maland
BOLT BEAT EXCLUSIVE: As Donald Butler prepares himself in hopes of a 2011 NFL season, he looks to show off the elite talent that got him drafted so high in 2010! I was lucky enough for him to give me a moment of his time and to answer a few questions for me in this 1-on-1 Bolt Beat exclusive interview. So who exactly is Donald Butler underneath the jersey, helmet, and pads?