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Serious Business: 6/5 San Diego Chargers Links

Bucs Free Agent LB Adam Hayward another special team possibility - Ernie Padaon
Hayward has been a special teams stud for Tampa and he loves playing for Coach Bisaccia. Just doing a quick YouTube search on Hayward shows that he has the type of character that AJ Smith likes to have on the team. We are short on linebackers also.

AFC West mailbag - Bill Williamson
I think it is far from certain that Weddle will leave. I know it has been reported that Jacksonville could pursue Weddle. Look, if he hits free agency, a lot of teams will go after him. But we won’t know if he is restricted or unrestricted until after the lockout. The Chargers like Weddle and are interested in keeping him. So, it would be a mistake to assume Weddle will definitely be elsewhere in 2011.

Chargers want more pressure from LBs - Christopher Smith
San Diego’s group of linebackers is in flux with free agency on hold, but linebackers coach John Pagano believes the Bolts will do a better job of getting after quarterbacks regardless of who mans the position.

Chargers as Rotowire sees it… - randyeball
Just thought you’d like to know what my boys over @ Rotowire think of the Chargers offense in 2011.