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Serious Business: 6/4 San Diego Chargers Links

Manusky: Liuget a fit for 3-4 - Christopher Smith
The Chargers defensive coordinator thinks the 6-foot-2, 298-pound draft pick will fit in well with San Diego’s scheme. He thinks the five defensive players acquired in the draft can help the Chargers win.

Chat wrap: Champ Bailey to safety? - Bill Williamson
Adam, Irvine, CA.: Hey Bill, if Corey Liuget meets his expectations of being a starter on the D-Line how do you think the Chargers defense will do this coming season? BW: A strong defense would only get stronger. He has the ability to get into the backfield and be very disruptive.

Plaxico Burress still has value - Matt Williamson (Insider)
Former Giant could be good fit for teams looking to add size at wide receiver

Could Burress be AFC West-bound? - Bill Williamson
San Diego: The Chargers potentially could use a receiver, and he fits the mold of the big receiver San Diego likes, but it would be out of character for A.J. Smith to pursue him. Chances: Low