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Serious Business: 6/3 San Diego Chargers Links

Ryan Leaf might need radiation - Associated Press
Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf said Thursday he could face radiation treatments if the part of a brain tumor that couldn't be removed by doctors winds up getting bigger.

NFL, NFLPA meet for covert talks in Chicago - Christ Mortensen & Adam Schefter
Judge Arthur Boylan cancelled next week's mediation session because the court says both sides are engaged in confidential settlement talks

Shoot to Cure HD is Friday - Christopher Smith
Join the Chargers in the fight to end Huntington’s Disease: enjoy some of San Diego’s best food and beverages, participate in a team speed free-throw contest, tour Chargers Park and bid on some great auction items.

Vincent Brown Impressing Teammates - Ernie Padaon
Jacob Hester tweeted about WR Vincent Brown: Good to have some of the young guys working out with us! Vincent Brown is impressive!