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Serious Business: 6/24 San Diego Chargers Links

Jaguars 2010 Film Review: Week 2 at Chargers (First Half) - Michael Appelbaum
San Diego was coming off a game on Monday night against the Chiefs that they should have won. Important to note in that game, Kansas City literally had three defenders on All-Pro Antonio Gates and limited his effectiveness, as well as getting an electrifying kick return touchdown by newcomer Dexter McCluster. So, momentum would be on the Jaguars side heading into this game, but the Chargers would prove to be a formidable opponent at home that clearly took their frustration from the week before out on a Jaguars team that was traveling 2,000 miles and was not ready to play.

Jaguars 2010 Film Review: Week 2 at San Diego (Second Half) - Michael Appelbaum
If you read the first half review of this game, you already know how bizarre and irritating this game was for Jaguar fans everywhere. With the team down 21-6, it'd take a huge comeback in all areas for the team to win this game. Needless to say, the trends from the first half would continue and this game would fall out of reach quickly in the second half.

Under The Cap: Rookie Signings - Brian McIntyre
Ultimately, we're only talking about a handful (or two) of essentially slotted rookie contracts per team that will need to be negotiated when the 2011 league year begins. But with veteran and undrafted rookie free agency coinciding with draftee signings, the nine weeks of post-draft inactivity due to the lockout means football administration departments will be working overtime during a part of the NFL calendar they're usually negotiating one or two early-round contracts before camp.

Pass Tackles 2010 - Aaron Schatz
Time to continue our series presenting various 2010 stats from the multitude of Football Outsiders spreadsheets. Today, we're going to look at pass tackles.