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Serious Business: 6/23 San Diego Chargers Links

Salary Cap Issue May Keep Chargers in Town - Dave Rice
Fans lately have been grasping for reason to believe the Chargers are doing more in San Diego than biding time while a new Los Angeles stadium is built. They were given a new theory to consider this morning by Mike Florio of the ProFootballTalk website, as presented on the Scott & BR radio show on XX 1090 AM.

New Orleans Saints: Safety Eric Weddle Great Addition In Free Agency - Paul Campbell
The San Diego Chargers used the 5th pick of round 2 in the 2007 draft to select the safety Eric Weddle out of the University of Utah. He has proven since coming into this league that he is more than capable of controlling and disrupting what opposing receivers are trying to accomplish. 

Reggie Bush to the Chargers? - thegregone
The Greg One can make a case for almost any big time free agent looking to take his talents to San Diego. That was until I saw a paragraph on a soon-to-be free agent Reggie Bush coming to play for the bolts.

Three Chargers make top 100 list - Christopher Smith
The Chargers have three of the NFL’s top 100 players according to an NFL Network survey. Antonio Gates (No. 22), Philip Rivers (No. 26) and Shaun Phillips (No. 97) all made the list.

Connoisseur - xkcd
Our brains have just one scale and we resize our experiences to fit it.