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Serious Business: 6/20 San Diego Chargers Links

Redskins bring fan on the field for player workouts - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
"I felt like if I had cleats on they couldn't say no," Richards told the media in attendance of his time as an NFL defensive back. "So I went out there and did a few ball drills with the defensive backs. I dropped the first two balls, but after that I didn't drop anymore."

Tolbert Workouts About As Subtle As A Punch In The Face - Abe Brown
That’s because five times a week the 5’9, 244 pounder goes from the football field to a boxing ring in what Tolbert sees as a perfect one-two combination of cardio and aggression.

Turner eager to do what Nowitzki did: prove he can win it all - Tim Sullivan
"(During the lockout) We’ve taken all our tapes from the last four years and redone our teaching tapes, redone our cutup drills. … We’ve looked hard at all of our opponents and we’ve done an extra amount of work on our division opponents. I don’t know that I’d exactly call it ‘gameplanning,’ but with division teams we have gotten down like we’re getting ready to play a game." 

Dinosaur Comics Introduces Awesome Inflation
Slow news day? Slow news day!