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Serious Business: 6/2 San Diego Chargers Links

Report: Jags could pursue Eric Weddle - Bill Williamson
I think we are a long way from seeing that happening. First, we won’t know if Weddle will be a free agent until the lockout is resolved. Also, the Chargers like Weddle and would like to pair him with Bob Sanders. It’s premature to think Weddle is definitely out the door in San Diego.

Not all youth football camps will be canceled due to the lockout - Mike Florio
For example, Chargers safety Eric Weddle will stage a camp in Salt Lake City on June 13th through June 15th. 

Youth movement underway at QB - John Clayton
Several factors contributing to the falling average age of NFL quarterbacks

Would Terrelle Pryor fit in the AFC West? - Bill Williamson
The Chargers could potentially use a young quarterback and Pryor wouldn’t have to play for a long time. But, ultimately, I’d be surprised if the Chargers took Pryor in the supplemental draft, but it’s not out of the question.

Top 10 most disappointing soph years - Aaron Schatz (Insider)
Vince Young, Steve Slaton and Mark Anderson are on the list. Who else is?