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Serious Business: 6/16 San Diego Chargers Links

Chargers rookie denies knowing about porn ad - Union-Tribune
"I was invited to a party by a friend that occurred on May 20th at Club Play in Miami," Liuget said Wednesday in a statement released by Tony Fleming, his Florida-based agent. "I had no prior knowledge of this event and did not authorize the use of my name to be associated with this party."

Ten most disappointing playoff teams - Mike Tanier (Insider)
It's hard being Marty Schottenheimer. There are only so many ways to lose a playoff game, but like Madonna, he spent more than 20 years reinventing himself, finding new calamities to befall his overachieving teams each and every time they reached the postseason. The 2006 Chargers entered the playoffs on a 10-game winning streak, took a 21-13 lead on the Patriots, and intercepted a Tom Brady pass with 6:53 left in the fourth quarter. Game over, right? Not in the Schottenverse.

NFL's fan conduct code at center of San Diego court case - Associated Press
City Attorney Jan Goldsmith believes the NFL has a right to enforce its code of conduct, including ejecting fans for making obscene gestures and using foul language. A criminal defense attorney disagrees, saying the code of conduct is unenforceable.

Behind the scenes: Outfitting the team - Christopher Smith
Into his fourth decade with the Chargers, equipment manager Bob Wick has watched the evolution of football pads, helmets and jerseys while getting an up-close look at thousands of personalities that have come through Chargers Park.

Left side of O-line lauded - Christopher Smith
San Diego’s roster includes three of the top four offensive linemen in the AFC West, according to ESPN.

The ages of every offensive lineman in the NFL to the exact day – Jimmy Kempski
The Chargers have managed to have an offensive line that has mostly stayed intact for a long time, yet it also still in the middle of the pack in terms of offensive line age. That puts them in a better spot up front than most NFL teams.