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Ex-Chargers QB Ryan Leaf has Tumor Surgically Removed from Brain Stem

News is flooding in through multiple sources today that Ryan Leaf has had a benign tumor (that's the good kind) removed from his brain stem. The discovery of the tumor came when Leaf saw a doctor and complained about dizziness and blurred vision.

"I am looking forward to resting a bit and being with my family," Leaf said in the statement. "This was just another bridge for me to cross, and I will continue to live each day to the fullest and give back where I can!"

Source: Ryan Leaf Has Tumor Removed From Brain Stem | NBC San Diego

Ryan has had a weird relationship with Chargers fans. After being the biggest bust in the team's draft history, and maybe in the history of the NFL, Ryan was known as an angry person who couldn't take the spotlight. Then there was the time he got caught taking pills from a college football player he was coaching.Then there were issues with the law.

Just last month, Leaf plead guilty to eight felony drug charges in Texas and admitted to having an addiction to prescription painkillers. Since, Leaf has gotten clean and through appearances on San Diego sports radio shows has begun the process of repairing his relationship with San Diego fans. Him being a responsive and down-to-earth Twitter user goes a long way in doing the same.

After showing such progress in becoming a great person, and someone who could have a big positive impact in the local sports community, over the last few months we wish Ryan nothing but the best with his recovery and his health going forward.