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Serious Business: 5/28 San Diego Chargers Links

Meet Clarence Shelmon -
Learn about the Chargers’ fifth-year offensive coordinator in this video, part of a series designed to help fans get to know the Chargers’ coaching staff.

Ryan Mathews Underwent Wrist Surgery - NFL Soup
According to the San Diego-Tribune, San Diego Chargers second-year running back Ryan Mathews had surgery on his wrist in January.

11 Hilarious Videos of People Taking Balls to the Face - The Smoking Jacket
We’re feeling kind of down in the dumps today. That country bumpkin won American Idol, the weather sucks and all of our favorite TV shows have ended for the season. At times like these, there is but one thing we turn to in order to make ourselves feel better.

Owners approve rules changes - Christopher Smith
NFL owners unanimously approved three rules changes Tuesday morning in Indianapolis.

 Keeping score: How the 49ers stack up in player-led workouts - Matt Barrows
Chargers: Chargers players have been practicing regularly since mid-March. The group has varied from 10 or so players to a couple dozen. The sessions take place four times a week.

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