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Serious Business: 5/27 San Diego Chargers Links

Jaguars could target Chargers S Weddle in free agency - Arthur Arkush
Safety, linebacker and defensive end are all areas where upgrades are needed, and a popular name that we are hearing is Chargers FS Eric Weddle.

Top 10 most disappointing trades - Mike Tanier
When it comes to trades, one team's disaster is often another team's triumph.

Chargers draft pick Mouton makes hits, not noise - Kevin Acee
"Then Jonas comes and it changes the whole mentality of our team -- his physicality, his willingness. He loves to hit … If he got a chance to hit somebody, it wasn’t whether or not he would make the tackle, it was whether or not the guy would get up."

Welcome to the NFL Twindex - Paul Kuharsky
1. SHAUN PHILLIPS Linebacker | San Diego Chargers @ShaunPhillips95 -- Proposed a flag football league for remainder of lockout and said his first pick after himself, would be @DeseanJackson10 and that no one would take Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Philip Rivers. Also complained when someone handed him a valet ticket as if he was a valet. Shaun, who's insuring the flag football league? I don't like your top pick at all.

Cesaire wants to help player Chargers drafted to replace him - Kevin Acee
Corey Liuget answered his phone shortly after the NFL Draft and was surprised to have Jacques Cesaire introduce himself, tell him he should get out to San Diego and even offer assistance.