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Serious Business: 5/25 San Diego Chargers Links

2011 Flash Points results AFC - Bill Williamson
Chargers: The Decade of LT The San Diego Chargers are the only team in the AFC West never to have won a Super Bowl. However, they are rich in history. There have been some great players in this organization.

Chargers' Fabiani on stadium cost, Spanos contribution - Matthew T. Hall
Without further delay, the latest on the Chargers' talks to build a stadium in downtown San Diego, which Fabiani said Monday may cost "a lot less" than the team had previously estimated.

Antonio Gates Finally at Full Health? - NFL Soup
The San Diego Chargers are reportedly getting an early dose of good news as they quietly prepare for the 2011 NFL season. According to head coach Norv Turner, San Diego’s most consistently explosive target, star tight end Antonio Gates, is finally 100% healthy and completely recovered from his plantar fasciitis injury.

Rookie Running Back Working Out With New Teammates - Ernie Padaon
It is good to see that the rookie found his way out to San Diego despite the lockout and is preparing for the season. He is building up the chemistry with the offense and preparing to be great. That is what we like to see from the new members of the team!