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What's New with the San Diego Chargers?

"Congratulations on being drafted, now GTFO."  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
"Congratulations on being drafted, now GTFO." (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images


I considered that being the entire post, but I have some time to kill. It is true though, as far as the San Diego Chargers are concerned there is nothing new going on.

The roster is currently bloated, filled with the guys that will make this year's team, the guys that will (but can not yet) be released and the free agents that the team will not bring back. We also are still clueless as to which Undrafted Free Agents the A.J. Smith might be eyeing, and the only veteran free agent we know the team has an interest in is Bob Sanders.

The rookies don't even have numbers yet! They're not even listed on the roster at yet. The first Mini Camp, where rookies are given a crash course by their position coaches on what they'll be asked to do, typically takes place in the first few days of May. Seeing as how we're nearly in June, that can be listed as the first NFL event "missed" due to the lockout.

The Chargers players, along with most of the rest of the league, has been killing time by working out. That means staying in shape, as well as taking part in unofficial practices (thrown together by Philip Rivers and his offensive line). When they're not doing that, a handful of them spend their time making fun of each other on Twitter. You know who else does that? People that are really, really bored.

Currently, the owners have locked the players out. Negotiations are going on between the owners and the players, who have chosen to have the former head of the former NFLPA DeMaurice Smith represent them, but very little is being said about those negotiations. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Like the rest of the NFL fans, we sit and we wait for something to happen with bated breath.

However, until things happen, there's not a ton we can discuss. There is some though, and that's better than nothing. In the next couple of weeks, expect a few podcasts so that we can relive the Chargers draft and take a peek around the rest of the division while everything is still and quiet.

There's also going to be some big changes to the podcast, and that part of BFTB is going to get a lot better very quickly. Expect interviews, boatloads of them, with your favorite Chargers players and personalities.

We're also going to have a renewed focus on BFTB meetups around San Diego, as long as there's a reason for us to meet up over. That'll be more organized and more frequent, and therefore....more fun and more rewarding.

So don't forget about little ol' BFTB. We're still here. We're still covering all we possibly can, and in the NFL's downtime we're finding ways to make the site and community better than it ever was. Look for things to start happening soon.