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Serious Business: 5/23 San Diego Chargers Links

First in line - The Score
Other teams interested in Burress include the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, and Baltimore Ravens.

Good deals are waiting to happen - John Clayton
8. WR Steve Smith to the San Diego Chargers This may seem like a strange trade, but take a closer look. Smith isn't the big target the Chargers seem to like and he may be a little too fiery for the Chargers' taste, but they still need to take a look. Their current top three wide receivers won't be around by 2012. General manager A.J. Smith has to completely revamp the receiver position over the next couple of years. Smith would be a good start if the trade price is right.

Chargers LB English hopes second surgery fixes foot issues -
San Diego Chargers linebacker Larry English revealed Friday that he needed a second surgery on the left foot injury that hampered him last season.

Chargers stadium search week in review - Matthew T. Hall
Big news came Friday, delaying our weekly San Diego Chargers stadium wrap up from its standard Friday arrival to Sunday. Good thing everyone's still here to read it....

Let Me Introduce You to the Ocarina of Rhyme
Holy crap, I didn’t think Googling "Zelda ghetto" would turn up anything, much less an image as cool as this. And it’s the perfect way to open up what you’re about the experience with the Ocarina of Rhyme.