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Serious Business: 5/21 San Diego Chargers Links

Bolts coaching staff trying to use extra time to team's advantage - Kevin Acee
As long as the lockout doesn’t linger into August, Turner doesn’t buy into the predictions of a diminished product league-wide. He altered that opinion only slightly under the scenario of a severely truncated lead-up to the season.

Is The 'Stud Back' Dying? - Jon Bois - SB Nation
In this year's NFL Draft, Mark Ingram was selected with the 28th pick. It was the first time the first running back had been chosen with such a low pick. Weak class, or indicator that the "stud back" is going out of vogue in the NFL?

Behind the scenes: more than brute strength - Christopher Smith
San Diego’s strength and conditioning coaches work with elite athletes, but the goal is to help them stay healthy and prepare them for football, not ratchet their bench press to Olympic qualifying levels.

A Newfound Emphasis On Special Teams - Bolt Hype
It may have been considered a ‘pass the buck’ type of move when the Chargers’ organization fired long time special teams coach Steve Crosby following their dismal campaign in 2010, but the team is turning the page on that era of the third phase for their football team.

Why Bill Belichick is the highest paid coach in sports…And Norv isn’t. - Bolt Beat
I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you why another BB (Bill Belichick) will always top the Forbes’ highest-paid list (as long as he remains employed) and no one else need apply.