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Bolt-Load of Links: 5/2 Chargers Links

Gee, last night was crazy, wasn't it?  I don't know about you guys (and gals), but I was glued to my TV all night long. I was hanging on every word, anxious to see what they would say next. Information was coming out at breakneck speed and I just couldn't believe what I was actually hearing.

I'll tell you, ESPN surely does go all out with their post-draft coverage.  Oh yeah, and Osama bin Laden is dead (not sure if you'd heard that yet).

Today, talk around the water cooler will likely be dominated by bin Laden, and then probably transition into the Draft.  There might even be a little talk about the lockout and CBA. What makes the draft sexier though is that it's a sense of "normalcy" in football. We all know the draft is supposed to happen. And when it does, the creatures of habit that we are, we revel in the normalcy.

Anyway, I'm doing links a little bit differently today. I'm actually grouping things together by general topics.  Enough blabbering, onto the links.

Chargers Draft Coverage

AFC West Draft Coverage

NFL Draft Coverage

Labor Negotiations