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Serious Business: 5/19 San Diego Chargers Links

10 Questions with Greg Manusky -
Learn about the Chargers’ new defensive coordinator in this video, the first installment of a series with assistant coaches.

West Coast teams' uphill fight with NFL - Mike Sando
The 49ers, Seahawks, Raiders and Cardinals could help themselves by fielding more competitive teams. The fifth West Coast team, the San Diego Chargers, have shown the way. The Chargers have played only 23 early games since 2005 largely because they've been good enough to command 23 prime-time games during that span.

Jordan Todman not the right fit for Chargers? - RotoWorld
Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson questions rookie Jordan Todman's fit as a third-down back in San Diego.

Billick likes SD's chances - Christopher Smith
Former NFL head coach Brian Billick, who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, likes San Diego’s chances to bounce back into the playoffs this season.

The Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks -
6. Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers): If it just came down to passing yards, Rivers would in the top 3. But, wins are a huge factor as well. Rivers must improve on his 3-4 postseason record to gain better recognition.