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Potential Charger UDFA Targets

It may be a long time before any of these guys can sign somewhere, but I wanted to spit out some names while the draft was still fresh. I have no inside information on what the Chargers would be going after here, I just recall some of the remaining guys from various draft previews throughout the year and my own BFTB scouting posts.

Rush OLB

  • Steven Friday, Va Tech, 6'3, 250
    Pretty much the only guy left with a 3-4 OLB build who stood out in college as a pass rusher.


  • Pat Devlin, Delaware, 6'3, 225
    Raw, some footwork/accuracy issues. Good arm.
  • Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M, 6'5, 251
    Was a top talent, but went bust this past season.
  • Taylor Potts, Texas Tech, 6'4, 220
    Probably a product of his offense, but productive and has prototypical size.

Tight Ends

  • Charlie Gantt, Michigan St, 6'4, 252
    Nothing flashy, just nice sized TE with big conference experience and usefulness in the passing game.
  • Weslye Saunders, South Carolina, 6'5, 270
    Good prospect, got dismissed for agent contact and violating team rules.


  • DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson, 6'0, 217
    I really liked him every time I saw him. Tall safety from Clemson. Went into 2010 season with first round potential. Playmaker. I could have said the same about C.J. Spillman back in the day though.
  • Jeron Johnson, Boise Ste, 5'10, 212
    I know some draft sites raved about this guy and had him as a 2nd round pick the last time I checked. Not sure what happened.
  • Deunta Williams, North Carolina, 6'1, 205
    Another guy with top of the draft potential. Got suspended like many of his teammates to start the season and I guess didn't show enough for scouts to keep liking him. Like McDaniel he's flashy and can get INTs in style.

Running Backs

  • Mario Fannin, Auburn, 5'10, 231
    Underused because of the running game of Cam Newton. Had the best speed score of any back. Can be a receiving threat and will block. Seems like a potential 3rd down back.
  • Brandon Saine, Ohio St., 5'11, 220
    A speed back that bulked up over the past year. Wasn't a starter and that limited his draft stock. Potential as a 3rd down back and maybe has more upside.
  • Noel Devine, West Virginia, 5'7, 179
    Once thought to be sure-fire 1st or 2nd round pick his small stature  and lack of production after Pat White left seemed to have hurt him a lot.

Wide Receiver

  • Armon Binns, WR, Cincinnati, 6'3, 209
    Another guy who once had 1st and 2nd round grades. His system obviously aided his numbers and perhaps lack of speed knocked him all the way out of the draft. Had some huge games for the Bearcats. Worth taking a chance on.
  • Darvin Adams, WR, Auburn, 6'2, 190
    Another guy who got limited exposure because of Newton's running. He can work the middle of the field, but lacks the speed to stretch defenses. Works hard (maybe too hard) in practice.
  • Terence Toliver, WR, LSU, 6'3, 212
    Tell me if you've heard this one: Once thought to be a 1st or 2nd round... yeah, he's one of those. Character issues, also got a touch of the dropsies at times and needs to improve against press coverage.
  • Jeffrey Maehl, WR, Oregon, 6'0, 190
    Easy Wes Welker comparison here. He plays fast, returns kicks, gets yards after the catch, appears to be a gamer. Could be a product of scheme (something they also said about Welker).


  • Kris O'Dowd, USC, 6'4, 304
    You never know if Hardwick could get seriously hurt again. This guy's name stood out among the remaining talent.