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Approval Rating: Summary Edition

Remember back when I used to write for this blog. Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I had a series of posts called "Approval Ratings". To get back into the swing of things let's take a look at the results from that first batch ordered by Approval Ratings from highest to lowest.

Player Total Votes Approval Rating
Mike Tolbert 613 98%
Philip Rivers 893 98%
Eric Weddle 638 92%
Ryan Mathews 751 70%
Luis Castillo 659 62%
Vincent Jackson 766 51%
A.J. Smith 1026 49%
Norv Turner 1321 44%
Larry English 579 26%

I don't know about you, but the first thing that jumps out at me is that Mike Tolbert's Approval Rating beat out Philip Rivers'. It was a difference of only .3%. Maybe Philip Rivers needs to work on some touchdown celebrations. The other thing that stood out was that Tolbert's rating is so much higher than Mathews'. They had very similar years statistically, including the fumbles and they both missed time with injuries. I guess people really love those touchdown dances.

In the battle for the lowest rating Larry English wins it running away. Most of his votes were people that probably felt that disapproving meant saying that he's already a bust and weren't ready to do that yet. Whereas with Turner and Smith there are contingents of fans actually willing to say that they like what those two men have done. Not enough to give them a majority, but enough to keep them out of Larry English territory. If memory serves, Norv and A.J. had better approval ratings early in the process when the articles were still on the front page of the site, so I wonder if keeping the voting open so long affected their totals. Oh well, I kind of expected numbers like those anyway.

I plan to do a few more of these in this long offseason. Any thoughts on who you'd like to voted on?