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Chargers Select OG Steve Schilling

The Bolts select another player from the University of Michigan. This one is on the other side of the ball and was a 4–year starter for the Maize and Blue. Part of what that means is that he was recruited for Lloyd Carr's power offense in Ann Arbor, but had to convert to Rich Rodriguez' spread run offense. I think it would be foolish not to acknowledge that didn't hinder Schilling's development.

There aren't too many stats to bring up on offensive lineman, but to get it out of the way I'll just say he's 6'4" and 308lbs. He's a high character guy and a team captain. He's versatile and can play a little OT. He's probably a better run blocker than a pass blocker. He has a lot of upper body strength that allows him to hold off pass rushers, but isn't quite as successful at bulldozing defenders in the run game. He could use some work adjusting to some of the more complicated defensive schemes since he did struggle a little with the wrinkles (stunts, slants, etc.) presented to him in college.

In my opinion it's an okay pick. It adds depth at OG where Tyronne Greene is the primary backup and did alright as a fill–in starter. Schilling is likely to end up spending a year on the practice squad just like Greene did. If he can be an emergency backup at OT, then that makes him a pretty useful reserve lineman. The Chargers say he can play OT, so if that's the case then just reverse what I said. He'll spend a year learning how to be the backup RT in case Jeromey Clary or Brandyn Dombrowski leave, but still have the versatility to play OG.