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Open Thread: 2011 NFL Draft, Rounds 4-7

Day 3! The final, and most grueling, day of the NFL Draft is here.

If you're a Chargers fan, you can go back to bed for a little while. Even though the picking starts at 9am Pacific, the Chargers do not have a 4th or 5th round pick. All of the important selections have been made, and when the Chargers use either of their 6th round picks (183, 201) and their 7th round pick (234) they'll be taking guys that are projects, camp bodies and long-shots to make the roster.

Recent 6th & 7th round picks for the Bolts include: Dedrick Epps, Kevin Ellison, Demetrius Byrd, DeJuan Tribble, Corey Clark, Brandon Siler, Jeromey Clary, Kurt Smith, Chase Page and Jimmy Martin. Okay, so I was wrong. Ellison, Siler and Clary have all made good contributions to the team. Maybe there's somebody left out there that could do the same.

So far the Chargers have grabbed themselves a DE, a nickel CB or FS that can return kicks and punts, an ILB that can serve as insurance for Kevin Burnett/Brandon Siler/Donald Butler (respectively: UFA/RFA/coming back from major injury), a local WR with good fundamentals and a CB that fell due to an injury on his Pro Day, but might have the potential to eventually replace Quentin Jammer on the outside.

As I said yesterday, I didn't really see the point of grabbing another OLB if the only ones that were left were going to be roughly as talented as Jyles Tucker, Antwan Applewhite, Antwan Barnes and Larry English (potential still not met). The depth is there, and the only reason to grab someone is if they're going to step in and be better than all of them. That seems to always be the philosophy of this team. I'll break this down on a pick-by-pick basis tomorrow.

Stick around here tonight as news will fly in fast and furiously about which undrafted free agents are coming to San Diego. That's always fun.