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Chargers Select CB Shareece Wright

Sharece Wright played his college football at USC. Back in week 9 of the college football season I wrote a brief report on Wright for Trojan's game with Oregon. Let's see what I said:

He flashes potential to be a good bump and run corner. Shows a mean streak and will hit hard when making a tackle. On the outside needs to us the sideline to help him.. Hasn't produced at a high level when going for the ball and would benefit from picking up some interceptions this year. His size, speed and strength might be less than adequate for the next level.

That stuff is still true. He never did pick up those interceptions we were looking for, which probably explains why he didn't go until the 3rd round. The scouting report on his speed changed over the course of his senior season and the post season and is seen as adequate. He also proved to people that he does have good strength for his size. His ability to mirror most WRs one-on-one was a nice plus he showed in that final year.

Most likely he'll be a nickel and dime corner and contribute on special teams. He does have some upside and in a few years could challenge for a starting job. One thing I failed to mention in his report was that he missed the 2009 season due to academic ineligibility. Read into that as you will. He did come back and was named a team captain in 2010.