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Open Thread: 2011 NFL Draft, Rounds 2-3

So, the Chargers sure do have a lot of picks today, huh? There could be 5 new Chargers by the end of today! That's exciting. I'm hoping at the end of today the Chargers have a new CB (Donald Strickland won't be around forever, and we're going to need to start grooming someone to take Jammer's spot), a new WR (to replace Vincent Jackson and/or Malcom Floyd), a new 3rd down RB that can return kicks (Darren Sproles is gone and needs to be replaced) and.....I don't know.


Take your pick with the fourth pick. An OT to challenge Jeromey Clary? Sure. An OLB to challenge Larry English/Antwan Barnes? Why not? A Safety to challenge Darrell Stuckey? Wouldn't hurt.

Unlike some other people, I won't be crushed if the Chargers don't take an OLB. I don't know that there's anyone out there that's really going to come in and take the job away from Barnes and English, and with Antwan Applewhite and Shaun Phillips rounding out a group that will be getting back Jyles Tucker....the team is not dying for depth there. Picking an OLB just because you think the English pick is a bust is silly, and not how A.J. Smith operates.

Anyway, DAY 2! Let's do it.