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Chargers Fan NFL Draft 1st Round Guide

I realize now that some information may have got lost in the shuffle during my last points. Sure, it could be fun to keep track of those points (read: drinking game), but you may want something that will help you know which pre-Chargers picks have relevance as you are waiting for a name to be called. Here's are the basics to a Charger-based draft guide, with an emphasis on the idea that our goal is to get a defensive player without trading up.

1. Anytime a QB might be drafted.

These picks would be: Carolina (1), Buffalo (3), Arizona (5), San Francisco (7), Tennessee(8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12). Whenever a QB gets taken today, it's a reach and every team below gets a shot a slightly better player to be their pick.

2. San Francisco's pick at #7.

The 49ers have a ton of needs. Some of these match up with ours. Som mock drafts have had them taking DE/OLB Robert Quinn. That decreases the player pool for filling our OLB needs.

3. Dallas' pick at #9.

Dallas runs a 3-4. They could be targeting similar players as the Bolts. A player we covet could come off at this spot or they could go CB or OT.

4. Minnesota's pick a #12.

The Vikings could potentially lose DE Ray Edwards to free agency. The potential for that loss could have them taking a pass rusher. We don't want that. We'd rather see them go QB or OT.

5. St. Louis' pick at #14.

The Rams have a Head Coach that likes to go after the QB and may use this pick to help with that. That could mean a DT like Corey Liuget, who probably isn't the best fit for us anyway. But, it could also mean they pick somebody we want. If WR Julio Jones somehow slipped to them, then that would keep them away from the Chargers' defensive needs.

6. Miami's pick at #15.

The Dolphins also run a 3-4 and could draft someone the Chargers like. Mock drafts seem to think they like OG Mike Pouncey, let's hope that holds up.

7. Jacksonville's pick at #16.

Call this the Ryan Kerrigan pick. Lot's of people think he goes here. If you like Kerrigan then this pick is very interesting. I don't really know what other direction they could go. Maybe CB.

8. New England's pick at #17.

The Patriots got this pick from the Raiders and it could be the thorn in the Chargers' side. The Pats don't have to draft for need and they will want similar players on defense as the Chargers want. Perhaps they save us some headaches and just trade down like they seem to always do.

If you're not looking for the Chargers to draft defense, then you are probably thinking RT or WR. Well, there should be a decent RT available for a slight reach no matter how the top of the draft sorts itself out. There's one or two that look solid and will go high and then the rest seem interchangeable, especially at RT (different story if we were looking for a LT). With WR, in my opinion, there is no hope that either of the 2 top WRs will be available at #18 and the rest aren't 1st round worthy.