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Let's watch the NFL Draft together

I was considering doing some sort of BFTB meetup for the NFL Draft this year, because you know the local bars will be playing it on TV and there'd be plenty of fun in between picks. I'm still open to the idea, but with start times of 5pm (Thursday), 3pm (Friday) and 9am (Saturday), I get the feeling nobody would show but me. If you'd prefer something like this, let me know in the comments.

Instead, though, what we'll probably end up doing is an Open Thread. You remember OTs, right? When a bunch of Chargers fans sit around and talk about football and make jokes? I know it's been a while, but it's just like riding a bike and we'll be doing OTs for all three days.

On a personal note, I like that SBN's sponsor for this thing is NFL Network and not the other network that covers the draft. The NFL Network is all business on draft day, and they have guys that really know their stuff. It should be fun to watch them, and chat with you guys, for all seven rounds.

Tune in to the 2011 NFL Draft on NFL Network