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2011 San Diego Chargers Schedule Released

The 2011 NFL season is actually happening! Well, theoretically. If no season actually happens, at least your season of Madden 2012 will have a schedule to follow along with.

The NFL released their full schedule just minutes ago, and after looking through the Chargers schedule (after the jump) I'm happy with how things shook out. I also think it's somewhat humorous that the Chargers are not in a primetime game until the second half of the season. It seems the networks have caught on to wily Norv Turner's game of possum.

One thing we can all celebrate is that the Chargers will not be starting off the season as the late Monday Night Football game. We no longer have to be the last fans to see our team play a meaningful game! Instead, that honor will be bestowed upon Raiders and Broncos fans. Enjoy the limelight, fellas.

Maybe the most important thing to take away from the Chargers schedule is the consecutive games at home. Six of the Chargers eight home games are played the week after, or the week before, another Chargers home game. This is made possibly by having road games sandwiching their Week 6 bye, and I think it's very fortuitous for the boys in blue.

Week 1: Vikings at Chargers
Week 2: Chargers at Patriots
Week 3: Chiefs at Chargers
Week 4: Dolphins at Chargers
Week 5: Chargers at Broncos
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Chargers at Jets
Week 8: Chargers at Chiefs (Monday Night Football)
Week 9: Packers at Chargers
Week 10: Raiders at Chargers (Thursday Night Football)
Week 11: Chargers at Bears
Week 12: Broncos at Chargers
Week 13: Chargers at Jaguars (Monday Night Football)
Week 14: Bills at Chargers
Week 15: Ravens at Chargers (Sunday Night Football)
Week 16: Chargers at Lions
Week 17: Chargers at Raiders