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Tallying the Chargers pre-draft visits

So most of you probably know that each time is allowed only 30 player visits prior to the draft.  The news on these visits is scattered all over the internet, and its hard to find a place that is able to confirm all of the information and compile it in one location.  I'll attempt to do that for you, and I'll provide some links of my sources, but I can't find everything so if you have a player that I haven't listed, feel free to post the link in the comments and I'll add it to my list.

Now some of the visits are merely in place to mislead other teams with no intent of drafting a player, and others are out of genuine interest for that player.  I won't even begin to make any guesses, I haven't seen any pattern to who AJ picks for visits, so I'll just be compiling the info for you.  I'll also add a rough approximation of targeted round in which that player is expected to be drafted.

The list will be after the jump.

Official Visits - Current Count: 15


Bryant Browning, Ohio St - link

Colin Baxter, Arizona - link

Danny Watkins, Baylor - link


Kendall Hunter, Ok St - link


Scotty McKnight, Colorado - link

Vincent Brown, SDSU - link

Jerrel Jernigan, Troy - link


Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson - link

Zach Clayton, Auburn - link


Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue - link

Akeem Ayers, UCLA - link

Allen Bailey, Miami - link


Jonathan Cornell, Ole Miss - link

Deron Mayo, Old Dominion - link


Jimmy Smith, Colorado - link