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Chargers 2011 Preseason Schedule Released

Well, isn't this a bit presumptuous of the NFL? They seem to think that come August, the following three things will be true:

  1. The NFL Preseason will remain at 4 games.
  2. The players and the NFL will reach a labor agreement in time for the players to play those 4 preseason games.
  3. If number 2 doesn't come true, and the league decides to put fill-in players on the field, us fans will care about the players playing in those preseason games.

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit snarky today. It's interesting to see the league release the preseason schedule even though they had to make so many assumptions, and it could be subject to change depending on the outcome of the labor negotiations.

So let's just operate under the same assumptions the NFL made and treat this as the final preseason schedule and that everything will go according to plan and this schedule is legit. Hit the jump to see the Chargers 2011 Preseason schedule and opponents.

Just like in the previous two regular seasons, the Chargers open the 2011 Preseason on "Monday" Night Football. I quote the "Monday" because the Chargers will be hosting the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium on Thursday, August 11. The game will be on ESPN beginning at 5:00PM PDT.

This game is especially noteworthy as it marks the return of Clipboard Jesus to Qualcomm Stadium. I hear John Gennaro already has a restraining order issued against him for the week leading up to and including the game. So if you see him within 100 yards of Qualcomm Stadium beginning August 4th, please notify the authorities.

After the Seahawks game, the Chargers get 8 days off before heading to Dallas to take on the Cowboys in the House that Jerry Built.

Then, just to prove that the NFL hates West Coast teams, the Chargers have to travel again the following week all the way to Arizona to play the Cardinals.

Thankfully for the Chargers' sake, the preseason schedule doesn't allow for a team to play more than half their games on the road, as the Chargers finish out the preseason at home playing in the traditional Chargers-vs-49ers-Preseason-Closing-Spectacular.

Actual dates and times for the remaining 3 preseason games will be announced at a later date and time.