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Bolt-Load of Links: 3/30 Chargers Links

Hi guys. I'm back.

So now that the two sides have broken off any and all talks, there really isn't much going on inside the league. Instead, we get to watch all the potential draft picks and their every move.  There is plenty of analysis going around, lots of ranking and mock drafts being posted.

We all feel that Norv Turner could be more aggressive, right? Well, now you can use Football Outsiders as a source to back up your opinion.


The big news right now, honestly, is the Madden '12 cover voting. Every site out there that even mentions NFL has some story about the Madden '12 cover votes. As it stands, Philip Rivers and Adrian Peterson are facing off, and I have to believe that Peterson is winning the vote. So, if you want to see Philip Rivers on the cover of Madden '12 (curse be damned!), follow the link in the list below and go vote for him!

On to the links!

  • Brian Billick on AFC West's draft needs, top linebacker prospects - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
    If ever a team was the poster child of "statistics lie and liars use statistics", it’s the San Diego Chargers. Finishing first in the NFL in both offense and defense, the Chargers failed to make the playoffs this past season, finishing with a 9-7 record.

  • Vincent Brown visiting Chargers today | National Football Post
    San Diego State WR meets with hometown team

  • Danny Watkins to visit Chargers, Redskins | National Football Post
    Baylor offensive lineman in demand

  • Allen Bailey to visit Patriots, Broncos, Chargers, others | National Football Post
    Miami defensive lineman making the rounds

  • Ryan Kerrigan to visit Chargers, Jets, two NFC teams | National Football Post
    Purdue pass rusher in demand

  • Voting For Madden '12 Cover Tournament Moves Into Round Two -
    (1) San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers vs. (9) Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

  • Forum on NFL football in LA set for Thursday -
    The panel is dubbed "The NFL in LA: A Touchdown for Angelenos?" and it will feature John Semcken III from Majestic Realty Co., which wants to build a stadium in City of Industry, and Ted Tanner from AEG, which is pursuing a stadium in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Being Big Ed | Cal Alumni Association
    Ed [White] works in a variety of media: acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, even sculpture, and his subjects range from abstracts to nudes, landscapes to … football. He knows a lot about football. A former All-Pro offensive lineman, first with the Minnesota Vikings, then with the San Diego Chargers, he played 17 years in the NFL.

  • Aggressiveness Index Update | FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS
    If there's anything that statistical analysis in football has proved, it is that coaches are far too timid on fourth down. In fact, statistical analysis has proved this over and over and over again. It's been done. So is anybody listening?

  • Turner stays positive -
    Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner remains upbeat as the draft approaches. The coaching staff is focused on using the extra time to find ways to get better.