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Bob Sanders signs one year deal with the Chargers

The team has officially announced that free agent Safety Bob Sanders has signed a one-year deall with the San Diego Chargers. Sanders was the 44th pick in the 2004 draft and has spent his entire 7 year career with the Colts before he entered free agency a few weeks ago.

Bob Sanders is a two-time All-Pro safety including winner the AP's honor for defensive player of the year in 2007. He is known for his big hits but recently is more known for his propensity to get injured. Since the 2008 season he was missed part or the entirety of the season due to injury. He played in only 2 games in 2009 and only one game last season before hitting injured reserve.

This is not likely to impact Eric Weddle much, as Weddle plays Free Safety primarily and Sanders plays Strong Safety. If Sanders ends up the starter, this will take playing time away from Steve Gregory.

His ability to contribute to the Chargers is obviously dependent on his ability to stay healthy. He hasn't been a productive player in a few seasons but has proven to be a force when healthy. I assume that he signed with the Chargers because they told him he'd have an opportunity to start. Post in the comments your opinions on the signing and how you think the Chargers will use him in the defense.

Said Chargers General Manager AJ Smith:

We are all very excited to add Bob Sanders to our defense. We have always held him in high regard. He’s a smart, physical, instinctive player. His intensity and playmaking ability can make an immediate impact on our defense.

Head Coach Norv Turner also had this to say:

There’s no question I’m excited. The fact that Bob was available and excited about being here and then having it work out is great. Our guys have unbelievable respect for him and what he’s done through the years. Certainly he knows what we’re capable of doing, so it’s a great fit.

When you do something like this obviously there’s some risk involved but the upside outweighs that. He’s healthy and he’s excited about the opportunity.