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Chargers Roster: Defensive Ends

Continuing on yesterday's theme, it's time to take a look at who the Chargers currently have to play Defensive End and decide "Could they survive with just these guys?"

Luis Castillo
Vaughn Martin

Ahem......anyone else? Anyone? Maybe there are a few guys that have been tendered......nope. That's it. So, as it stands, these are your starters and there really isn't much in the way of backups.

Now, if they're being smart and following the lead of teams like the New England Patriots, the Chargers will look at the depth they have at Nose Tackle and slide either Cam Thomas or Ogemdi Nwagbuo over to DE to help out. However, that still leaves at least one hole on the depth chart and make Chargers fans wonder if they're comfortable with Cam Thomas or Vaughn Martin starting at DE.

If I weren't so high on Cam, I would say the situation at DE is even more dire than the one at OLB. However, the idea of sliding Cam over and getting him more snaps is more than okay with long as Garay can stay healthy for another season. If the Chargers are against sliding Cam over, and still aren't sold on Martin as the starter (and it doesn't appear that they are), they're going to have to bring in someone that can start at DE on day one. Might that be a first round draft pick?