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Chargers tender contract offers to ten players

In an effort to make sure the team gets everything in order before the current CBA expires on Friday, the Chargers today announced they offered tenders to ten players, nine of which are restricted free agents under the terms of the current CBA.  Teams are required to make contract offers to players in order to retain negotiating rights.

Said Chargers GM AJ Smith, "we’re moving forward under the current agreement, which is what we have to work with at this time."

It should come as no surprise then that Malcom Floyd has received the highest tender of a first-and-third-round draft pick as compensation should he sign with another team, and the Chargers don't match their offer.  Free Safety Eric Weddle received a first-round tender.

Linebacker Antwan Applewhite, offensive tackle Jeromy Clary and running back Mike Tolbert all received second-round tenders.

Cornerback Dante Hughes received a third-round tender, while linebacker Antwan Barnes and safety Paul Oliver both received fourth-round tenders. Rounding out the bunch is linebacker Brandon Siler, who received only a seventh-round tender.

Offensive tackle Brandyn Dombrowski was tendered, but since he's an exclusive rights free agent, he will be back with the Chargers.