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San Diego Chargers All-Decade RB

We might as well start somewhere easy. The poll ends at 5pm tomorrow. Here are your candidates:

Terrell Fletcher: Played in 111 games with the San Diego Chargers, racking up 1,871 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. However, in the decade we're looking at Terrell had 55 carries for 235 yards and a single rushing touchdown. Working mostly as a 3rd Down RB, Fletcher totaled 33 catches for 146 yards in those two seasons.

Ryan Mathews: After a single season as the Chargers starting RB, Mathews has 678 rushing yards and 7 rushing TDs. Pair that with 22 catches for 145 yards, and he could be on pace to win next decade's award in 2021 if he stays healthy.

Darren Sproles: The first player that will be nominated at two different positions but, unfortunately, this is not the stronger of the two for him. He's played all of his five NFL seasons with the Chargers, carrying the ball 249 times for 1,154 rushing yards and 6 rushing TDs. More of a receiver, Sproles has caught the ball 146 times for an astounding 1,400 yards and 11 receiving TDs.

Mike Tolbert: Here's how Tolbert works in this "contest". In 2008-2009, Mike was a FB. In 2010, he was a RB. So, for the sake of this vote, his stats are limited to 2010. The 5'9", 243 lb. Tolbert carried the ball 182 times last season for 735 yards and 11 rushing TDs. He caught it 25 other times for 216 receiving yards.

LaDainian Tomlinson: This guy stands a good chance at winning this vote, despite leaving for greener (literally) pastures with the Jets and badmouthing his former team and teammates in the media. Here's where LT ranks among Charger RBs all time:

Carries: 2,880, 1st (2nd place: 1,031)
Rush Yards: 12,490, 1st (2nd place: 4,972)
Rush TDs: 138, 1st (2nd place: 43)
Yards per game: 88.6, 1st (2nd place: 65.8)

You get the idea....

Michael Turner: Turner's biggest flaw was being on the same team, and nearly the same age, as Tomlinson. In 59 games with the Chargers he earned exactly 1 start. In four seasons with the Bolts, he carried the ball 228 times for 1,257 rushing yards and 6 rushing TDs. he caught the ball just 11 times for 71 receiving yards.